This is my current gear and clothes when I travel. During my RTW trip, I have carried a cheaper and larger pack with an air tote. I also have many stuff sacs to separate out my clothes. Now I pack all my clothes in a single compression stuff sac, and everything else fills the space around the stuff sac. The new backpack that I picked up (Osprey 55 Farpoint backpack) has no frame, and has zippers that can be locked. So it has lighten up a lot of my load.

  • Osprey 55 litre Farpoint backpack.
  • Waterproof compression bag to compress down the clothes.
  • Wash mesh bags to separate out clothes in the compression bag. (So you don’t spend your time digging through the bag)
  • Rain cover.
  • Padlock and a lock cable
  • Fanny pack (Osprey Grab bag, it can hook on your big backpack or have its own as fanny pack)
  • 20 litre stuff daypack (the one that packs down small)
  • Travel towel. *later replaced by sarongs, you can buy those from any beach area for cheap.
  • Silk Sleeping bag (buy XL size from ebay)
  • 2 “Flexoline” Clothing line with 1 drain stopper and two S-biner. 
  • Personal toiletry.
  • Macbook Air, GoPro, unlocked iPhone, Olympus OMD-EM1 camera with 14-40mm lens, Neoprene Camera Case, extra batteries for camera and GoPro, two iPhone Cable, USB charger, travel adapters, power extension, power bank, Lots of SD cards, SD card reader.
  • See-thru pouch for all the cable, charger, backup battery..etc.
  • Travel document organizer.
  • Travel wallet.
  • 3 short merino wool sleeves, 3 tank top, 2 long merino wool sleeves, rain jacket, 1 fleece, 1 down jacket, 1 zip-on/off hiking pants, 1 pair of quick drypants, 1 legging, 2 dresses. 4 undies, 3 socks.
  • 1 pair of Trail Running Shoes, 1 pair of Flip-Flop, 1 pair of Keen sandal, 1 pair of casual shoe (I am a women!)
  • 1 pair of Bikini, 1 Goggle
  • 3 credit cards and 2 debit cards. Minimum $200 USD cash and stash it everywhere including under the sole of my shoes.
  • Band-Aid, Antibiotic cream, Antihistamine, Pepto-Bismo, Tylenol.

Packing tip:

  • The rule of thumb for the amount of clothing is 3. No more than 3 of the same type of clothing. I hand wash my clothes and undie every time after I take a shower.
  • Always remember to put back your gear to the same place where you take it out. Most of the items are lost during travel because of misplacement.
  • Roll your clothes, it saves a lot of air space even when you need to pack them into the compression sac.
  • Do not pack your pack 100% full. Leave some room for extra things that will come inside the pack when you are travelling.

Remember, everything you brought with you has a high probability of being lost! Consider all your stuff is disposable when you start your journey! If something that is so expensive that you can’t take a chance of losing it, consider contacting your local insurance company to get “Personal Article Insurance”.