Route Planning

  • My number 1 rule is not to backtrack. I find out if I have time and the money to see the area at all, if not, I leave it for after my RTW trip.
  • I use Skyscanner to find out which airport can get me into the country cheaply from where I am.
  • Sometimes I choose my destination depends on where my friends are at or where a major events happens.
  • I choose bus/boat/rideshare over flights. However in some cases, it is faster and safer to take a flight (e.g. Brazil), and sometimes it is cheaper to take a flight as well (e.g. Ryan air in Europe). Just use your judgement.
  • When I move on to another continent (e.g. South America to Europe), I will choose whatever cheapest flight will get me into the continent. It doesn’t matter which country, because once I get in, it is easy for me to get to other countries with a local budget flight or bus.
  • I also try to travel to warm places because I want to reduce the amount of clothing that I will be packing with me.