• I love trying local food, and I am also an avid cooker. I often take cooking class at a country where I have never been.
  • Sometimes the cheapest food eat out places are near major bus station or near schools. I purposely find place to eat where I can see the food but I don’t understand the signs.
  • Don’t be afraid of street food. The number 1 rule of a not getting myself sick is to always eat at somewhere with high turnover rate. The more people in the restaurant the better. Or street food where you see the food is made in front of you, it is safe as well. However, be ready to have the “D” day when food goes wrong. Usually two days of fever, and lots of water. It will be fine.
  • Some local food features deep fried or heavy dishes, I often cook on my own to balance the meals. In some countries, there are no kitchen provided then I would eat out but always different type of meal each time.
  • I always visit the market and grocery store the first thing when I set foot to a new country. Find out what they have and what is cheap to buy and easy for me to carry around.
  • When visiting some countries are notoriously expensive (e.g. Switzerland), I maybe try one or two eat out in the restaurant during lunch. Most of the time I carry my own set of cooking materials (spices, soy sauce..etc) I couchsurfed and cooked for my hosts.
  • I always pack water and snacks in my bag in stay hydrated and avoid over eating. Fruits , Boiled eggs and Nuts are the best source of snacks. Sometimes you just don’t know if you have time to eat your meals. Eat constantly and eat small is the best way to keep yourself from starvation and over eating.